How do you achieve a near-100% literacy when a third of your population is Nomadic? And, what are students in Mongolian schools being taught?

Join Batjin of Tomujin Academy, Bolorsaikhan of Education for all, and Khaliun, a high school student, to learn what education in Mongolia is like.



What’s Mongolian food like? These Young Mongols are venturing beyond traditional mutton and flour to bring new and fresh food to Ulaanbaatar. Featuring interviews with Enkhzaya of Rosewood Restaurant and The Butchery and Enkhbaatar Dorj of AYC, Mongolia’s first juice bar.


Fitness in Mongolia is more than just the “three sports of men” (archery, horse racing, and wrestling).

Did you know that there are about thirty yoga studios in Ulaanbaatar? And that there’s an Angolan dance taking the city by storm?

As one personal trainer puts it, “You are healthy, you are wealthy.” You’re looking rich, Mongolia!

Featuring interviews with Davaa (personal trainer), Javkhaa (Kizomba instructor), and Davaa (yoga teacher).


What challenges and opportunities exist for entrepreneurs in Mongolia? Learn more about startup culture and hear about one tech company that’s trying to solve urban mobility through technology.

Featuring interviews with Ider-Od (Startup Mongolia), Amar (EasyRide), and Azjargal (Women Entrepreneurs).

Mongolian-Made Products

Mongolia needs to diversify its mining-based economy, and these Young Mongols are hard at work creating innovative products to lead the way.

Meet Khulan of Natural Essentials, Bolortuya of Seaberry, Oyunbat of Best Energy Savings, and Khulan of Gumuda. Their products are helping Mongolia diversify in a sustainable, home-grown way!


In 1990, Mongolia’s peaceful, democratic revolution ushered unprecedented press freedom into the small country. In the intervening twenty six years, the media has expanded rapidly, currently boasting nearly 500 media outlets for a population of three million. This abundance of outlets hasn’t necessarily bolstered democracy– news is frequently bought and paid for by politicians, and unchecked freedom of speech can lead to libelous, uncorroborated journalism.

In this video, Lhagva Erdene (Mongol TV) and Bola Zaankhuu (Eagle TV) describe the state of the Mongolian media and their efforts to bring high journalistic standards to Mongolia.


What is it like to live as an LGBTQI person in Mongolia?  Thanks to the efforts of the LGBT Center, it’s getting better.

In this episode, Anaraa and Dorjjantsan describe the inspiring work of the LGBT Center to promote queer rights in Mongolia both through social and legal measures.  And, Zorig tells us about founding D.D./H.Z., Mongolia’s only gay bar.




Anna Halldorsdottir is an Icelandic editor, composer and sound designer based in New York City.  She has worked on numerous films and documentaries and is currently producing video series about New York City culture and diversity.  Young Mongols is Anna’s 4th project about Mongolia, but previously she worked on documentaries about the women of the Gobi Desert, the Dukha reindeer herders and the Kazakh eagle hunters of the Altai Mountains.

You can see more of her work here.


DimitriDimitri Staszewski is a recording engineer, producer, and adventurer who enjoys merging his passions for creating multimedia content and exploration. That mindset has led him to work across Mongolia, renowned recording studios in New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans, a dude ranch in Colorado, and for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in Lander, Wyoming. He is currently back in Mongolia as a Fulbright-mtvU Fellow adding content to his website, Mongol Music Archive. The project focuses on capturing examples of nomadic herders performing traditional Mongolian and Kazakh music.



Lennart Kleinschmidt is a young, passionate filmmaker with a love for interesting and unique stories and beautiful images. He has experience in editing, photography, visual storytelling and generally all parts of production on award winning short films, public broadcasting and short documentations.

You can see more of his work here.